Tips for learning English

18 Jul 2018       ILC Fátima

Speaking English well can give you a lot of confidence! This will help you in your professional and personal life. Learning a new language can be a challenge, but with regular study and practice it can be done. Here are some tips to get you going!

•    Watch films or documentaries about topics that you are interested in. This activity will help improve listening and vocabulary at the same time. At first you can use subtitles, then turn the subtitles off when the listening part of this activity becomes easier.

•    Practice each day. If you have no English speaking people to talk to then read aloud! Find a book that is interesting and that you will enjoy and read it out loud for 15 minutes each day.  

•    …. and our personal favourite:  listen to music!  Listening to music and singing songs is enjoyable and you will be amazed at how much new vocabulary you will learn.

Ready to give these tips a try?  

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