5 Tips for E-learning

27 Mar 2020       ILC Leiria

ILC has entered the world of online learning so here are some tips to make it work!

Right now everyone is adapting to a new reality. Staying at home definitely changes our everyday routines, but with time we can all make it work! Online classes make it possible to continue learning and can even provide some interesting new ways to do it. Here are some tips to help take full advantage of the e-learning experience:
1. Don't miss classes – Studying online is quite demanding on the student because they become a bit more independent. It’s important to keep up with classes with your teacher, who will guide you and explain everything you need to know.
2- Devote that specific slot of the day to your class only – When it’s time for class, make sure you are truly there. Avoid distractions like your smartphone or surfing around other pages. It’s important to stay focused.
3 - Don't be afraid to ask for help – Whether in the online session or via email, your teacher is always available to help, so make sure you let them know if you are having difficulties following a class or doing your independent work.
4 - Use technology to your advantage – The online class may allow the group to do things they couldn’t do offline like look up a word in an online dictionary or use other online aids.
5 - Connect with other students – You may be alone in front of your computer, but there are lots of people participating in class with you, so reach out to them and share ideas or doubts.

​See you soon!

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