TIP TUESDAY : 20 ways to say "Hello!"

25 Set 2018       ILC Batalha

Greetings are IMPORTANT! They say that first impressions are everything, but a first impression is nothing without the proper greeting.

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Each country or culture has its own way of greeting others, and these greetings are a part of every conversation. Just as there are different ways to say ‘Hello’ in Portuguese, there are different conventions to follow in English. Different circumstances call for different levels of formality. Here are a few common English greetings that you can use in formal, informal or casual situations.


Formal greetings are appropriate for use in situations when respect or courtesy are called for.  These instances include business meetings, formal classroom, workplace presentations or meeting a friend’s parents. You may encounter such greetings when doing business in restaurants and shops.


Informal greetings can be used in most informal situations when you are saying hello to a colleague or to someone you meet on the street. Even though some of these expressions look like questions, the ‘greetee’ is not always meant to answer them. In fact, confusing as it may seem, sometimes a question is answered with a question.


Some greetings are used to say ‘Hello’ in very casual, friendly and familiar contexts. They can be used in spoken English, text messages, voicemail messages or emails with people that you know well. While they’re not exactly rude to use with strangers, they aren’t exactly polite, either. Using these greetings with people you don’t know well might cause confusion and these greetings are not considered appropriate in certain contexts.

The expressions are easy enough to learn; the tricky part is learning to use them appropriately. Try to use a different greeting every time you meet someone new, get together with your friends, or purchase something at shopping centre. You’ll be a master of English greetings in no time flat!

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