23 Mai 2019       ILC Batalha

Have you ever heard the expression "Gap Year"?

Have you ever heard the expression “Gap year”? Well, many teens in Britain and America certainly have.

Many kids in English-speaking countries take a Gap Year after finishing high school and before starting to think about serious business like University.
It might sound like a holiday but usually teens who choose to “pause life” for one year, embark on exciting adventures abroad to do volunteering work, discover themselves and experience different cultures.

There are many good sides to this practise, you can get ready for college, open your mind by seeing seeing different realities and the volunteering work definitely looks good on your CV when applying for University. Plus, don’t forget how many new friends you can make on your trips.

After all this, it is time to go back to your academic life and start a new chapter.

What about you? Would you like to experience a Gap Year?

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