22 Jan 2020       ILC Batalha

Welcome to the year of the MOUSE!

Did you know that 2020 is the year of the rat?

Chinese new year is fast approaching, so make sure you book the 25th of January off to celebrate this Chinese tradition!
The year of the rat is meant to be the luckiest of all 12 animals. It symbolises wealth and the beginning of a new era, which is exactly what 2020 is: the beginning of a decade!

The years allocated to each animal are in a very specific order. According to an ancient Chinese story, an emperor had called 13 animals to a meeting and announced that the years on the calendar would be named according to the order they arrive in. This lead to a a race between everyone. The rat travelled on the back of the ox, leaping from its back to get first place. The pig stopped for a snack and a nap so he arrived last. 

On this day, everyone goes outside and joins the party: a colourful parade where all nationalities are welcome to share happiness and be merry.

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