Valentine's Day - Heart Idioms

11 Fev 2020       ILC Leiria

It’s that special time of year… February is here and we are almost celebrating Valentine’s Day. Here are some interesting idioms with the word HEART; How many do you know?

1-  To have a heart of gold (to show a kind, compassionate, caring attitude)
Bryan has a heart of gold, he will help his friends in any way he can.
2- To have a heart-to-heart conversation (a serious conversation, usually between friends)
If you think a friend needs help, you should have a heart-to-heart conversation with them about it.
3- To wear your heart on your sleeve (show emotions openly)
I can tell Julie was upset, she wears her heart on her sleeve.
4- To have your heart in your mouth (to be very worried about something)
My heart was in my mouth when I opened the letter.
5- To have a heart (ask someone to be kinder)
The student asked the teacher to have a heart and not make him redo the composition.

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