Ideas for a fantastic Summer holiday!

26 Jul 2018       ILC Fátima

Summer is here. Time to rest, relax and have some fun. Not sure what to do? Here are some ideas:


Get on your bike and go for a nice, long ride. Invite a friend or two and go for a relaxing walk, jogging or even hiking. Spend a day at the beach or at a pool.  Go camping with some friends and sleep under the stars. Visit places. You don't have to go abroad, just visit somewhere in your country or your town. Going on a road trip with your family or some friends to a place you've never been before is always great fun.


Why not learn how to cook?  It's a fun and delicious activity.  Use your free time to listen to your favourite music or watch an exciting film. These are perfect activities to help you relax and improve your English skills!

Have a great summer!  


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