TIP TUESDAY : Idiom "Don't count your chickens (before they hatch)"

02 Out 2018       ILC Batalha

Today’s idiom is “Don’t count your chickens (before they hatch)”, which means “don’t make future plans based on something that has not happened yet”.

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Origin: This phrase may have its origins with Aesop, the Greek fable writer who lived around 620 to 560 BC. In his fable “The Milkmaid and Her Pail”, a milkmaid carries a pail (bucket) of milk on her head and daydreams about selling the milk, buying chickens with the money and then becoming so rich from selling the eggs that she becomes independent. She will then have enough money to shake her head to say ‘no’ to all the young men trying to win her love. However, in the fable she is so immersed in this daydream that she shakes her head and accidentally drops the milk, therefore destroying the possibility of her dream by imagining it too soon. There is a line from the fable which reads “Ah, my child,” said the mother, “Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.”


Comment and let us know what you think the Portuguese equivalent is.


Source: idiom.land, CET


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