Study, exam, repeat

05 Jun 2019       ILC Batalha

June is here and so are exams...

It is June, so you know what that means...exams are right around the corner.

As soon as you get all the exams out of the way, you can finally enjoy your summer. But to do that, first you have to get all your ideas and notes together.
Having a good “study system” is the best thing you can do to prepare for your exams. So here are a few tips:
  • Make them clean and straight to the point
  • Use colours, symbols and images
  • Take time to study by yourself as well as with others
  • Make bullet points with what you need to know
  • Keep hydrated while studying
  • Wake up early and make the best out of your morning
  • Don’t memorise, truly understand everything
  • Read/study out loud
Wishing you good luck on all your exams.

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