30 Jan 2020       ILC Batalha

Food served at school is different in every country!

School lunches. Some hate them, some love them but one thing is for sure: they are different in every culture.

What might be seen as a normal meal for us, it can be considered something extremely different and maybe even...horrible in different countries.
In Japan for example, students always have really healthy lunches like fish and boiled rice or sushi.

Here are some examples of what kids eat at school around the world:

Ethiopia: bread and beans
America: chocolate milk, nuggets, chips and yogurt
France: butter, baguette, chicken and spinach
India: rice and lentil curry
England: shepherd’s pie, black pudding and veggies
Russia: sausages and porridge
Korea: purple rice, kimshi, soup and bulgogi

What do you usually eat at school?

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