03 Jun 2020       ILC Batalha

Have you heard of a Pen Pal? Well there's a new letter system called Snail Mail and it's even more fun!

Writing to your friends and family is super easy and quick using digital platforms and social media, right? But isn't it fun to write something down on colourful paper, using different pens and stickers?

Back in the day people used to have "Pen Pals" which were strangers you could write to using letters (paper and pen!) and even though you couldn't see them face to face, lots of friendships have started this way.

Nowadays, there is a new concept called "SNAIL MAIL" that works very similarly to Pen Pals. One stranger is randomly assigned to you and you have to write letters to them as creatively as possible, and they will do the same back. Some people write as many as 10 letters at once to different "friends", where they include postcards, stickers, drawings and generally colourful stationery!

If you're looking for a fun spring activity, you can consider getting a snail mail friend and practise your English writing in a very different way!

Here's their website, if you want to have a look:


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