Teste de Entrada

This is ____ bicycle and that is ____ old car.
The boys are playing. Look at ____.
This is John Davies. ____ a doctor.
____ any children?
____ is my pencil and ____ are my books.
____ any milk in the fridge?
What's ____ sister's name?
John ____ speak English.
The ____ names are Susana and Mary.
We have english ____ Friday afternoons.
Andrew ____ usually walk to work.
____ does the film start?
Why ____ phoning your mother?
He ____ surfing every weekend.
The children ____ at school yesterday.
What ____ she say?
Can I have ____ rice, please?
You ____ eat or drink in the museum.
Where ____ to be this evening?
____ careful!
Dave loves film. He ____ at the cinema.
He ____ in Spain but lives in France.
It's Jane's birthday. She ____ a party this afternoon.
My mother ____ be a teacher.
Where ____ when she saw him?
The phone is ringing. ____ answer it.
If ____ the book, she'll understand the film better.
She went to America, ____?
She'd be happier if she ____.
____ never seen this film before.
This exercise is ____ than the last one.
Yuk! This food is ____ to eat!
Maggie isn't ____ Sarah.
Mike and Helen ____ on holiday since last week.
There aren't ____ potatoes left.
You ____ have a licence to ride a bike.
Wine ____ from grapes.
Sally ____ to visit that new museum at the weekend.
I prefer hotels ____ have sports facilities.
My father ____ to America tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.
Port wine ____ made in Portugal for hundreds of years.
What ____ since i last saw you?
You ____ to pay for my coffee, if you don't have enough money.
I ____ go to the cinema tonigh, but I'm still not sure.
I ____ have bought bread if i had known we had enough.
He ____ waiting at the bus stop for an hour when the bus finally arrived.
He hasn't finished his homework ____.
The man ____ standing by the door is my teacher.
I wish you ____ your music so loudly
The teacher told the students ____ copy.
____ is a good way to keeping fit.
My hair is so long. I need to ____.
I was ____ with the film.
The window ____ in last night's storm.
Don't forget ____ me a postcard.
It was ____ terrible news that they were shocked.
He ddin't phone last night. I wish he ____.
He asked her what ____ recently.
Georgio's restaurant is nowhere near ____ Henry's.
Sarah isn't ____ to finish the race.