30 Jan 2020       ILC Batalha

Did you know London has its own carnaval in August?

Summer is known for its numerous music festivals, sunset parties and celebrations such as Eid Mubarak in June (the biggest celebration for Muslims), NOS Alive in Lisbon (there are even posters for this festival in London Underground) and PRIDE parades (to celebrate gay rights).

But did you know London has its own carnival (carnaval) in August?

This one-day parade is known as “Notting Hill Carnival” and it is a very colourful and fun street festival that takes place in one of the most iconic places in London:
Notting Hill Gate.

Two million people attend this celebration every year in the hope of dancing, drinking and eating all day (and night!) long. A huge parade with dancers, circus performers and people dressed in costumes can be seen in Notting Hill’s colourful streets.

I guess you can say that Londoners have been infected by Brazilians’ good mood!

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